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About Us

Abengoa reaffirms its commitment to the energy sector and the environment by backing water as a business. In October 2011, it created a new business group at the forefront of its organisation: Abengoa Water. Previously, this belonged to the Befesa business unit, but it separated from that unit after splitting from Abeima, which focusses on designing and building the plants operated and maintained by Abengoa Water.

Abengoa Water is centred on promoting, developing and operating water-treatment plants, and especially on the desalination business due to water scarcity and the lack of suitable water treatments currently available.

Abengoa Water's leadership and reputation has been recognised on numerous occasions through prizes and awards, including those presented by prestigious international publication Global Water Intelligence (GWI) during its annual awards ceremony: the Global Water Awards. Abengoa Water, at that time Befesa, received the award of "Best Project of the Year 2009" for the Qingdao desalination plant (China) as well as the prize for "Desalination Company of the Year 2009".



As part of its activities, Abengoa water seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of the water market by promoting, developing and operating water-treatment plants and using leading technology as a means of growth. All of this is aimed at creating value for its shareholders and contributing to the personal and professional development of its staff.



To be a leader in the water-treatment business by managing its property assets and expanding its reuse activity and industrial outsourcing. Abengoa Water also wants to take the leadership position in research and development on desalination, drinking-water production, purification and water re-use.



Among its many values, Abengoa Water strives for honesty and respect in all of its dealings and with everyone involved in its activities. It also aims to protect, defend and improve the environment in every activity in which it engages.


  • India
  • 100.000 m3/day
  • In operation