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Business Activities


Due to the increasing shortage of water and lack of suitable treatment methods, the search for effective means of managing water has become a major challenge for Abengoa Water. In order to guarantee a water supply offering in optimal health conditions and to satisfy the needs of industry, Abengoa Water focuses all of its efforts on three lines of activity, which it considers to be the most-suited to ensuring excellence.

  • Via DBOOT business models, Abengoa Water promotes water treatment plants that use membrane technology to carry out the desalination process by reverse osmosis. In order to undertake such extensive projects, Abengoa Water makes large investments in the plants, which allows it to monitor and supervise the entire design and construction process.
  • Once the plant design and construction phase has been completed the next stage is operation and maintenance. The operation and maintenance process aims to optimise the energy efficiency of reverse osmosis desalination, minimise its costs and ensure sustainability. In this way it strives to guarantee that any possible environmental impacts are reduced to a minimum.
    Abengoa Water either owns the plants it operates or operates them for third parties under long-term contracts awarded by concession. In all cases, Abengoa Water strives to provide its customers with a totally personal service that is adapted to their current needs. It achieves this through a satellite control system that enables it to check on activities in real time. This is a major advantage because we always know what is happening at the plants we operate, which means we are able to be extremely flexible and react to any unexpected events that may arise.
Pilot plant
  • Abengoa Water's strategy is based on developing its own technology, which enables it to find innovative solutions in the water-treatment sphere. For this purpose, it has a 3000 m2 R+D+i centre equipped with cutting-edge facilities including laboratories, exhibition rooms, experimentation areas and a control system that makes it possible to monitor plant operation in real time through a satellite connection.
  • R+D+i programmes focused on enabling Abengoa Water to achieve greater efficiency in water treatment are currently being developed.


  • Accra
  • 60.000 m3/day
  • In construction